HeadlightsDepot.com is family owned business operated by 21 dedicated team members. Since 1972 our family has been providing quality automotive advice and services to the wholesale side of the industry. In 2004 we started HeadlightsDepot.com to fill a growing demand for quality headlights to be available to the public at affordable prices. We started this mission by putting ourselves in your shoes and searched for replacement headlights. We called dealerships and quoted OEM (Original Equipment) headlights. We called junkyards and quoted used headlights. We searched everywhere for the very best aftermarket headlights. We discovered the industry was crowded with high prices and poor service.

To keep our prices low we sourced the very best aftermarket manufacturers of headlights. After extensive research we found a large percentage of OEM headlights from the dealership were not actually original, but aftermarket headlights made in Asia offered as OEM service parts. We were able to go direct to these types of aftermarket manufacturers of headlights overseas and purchase headlights of equivalent or higher quality at a fraction of the cost. We also kept in mind that our customers were paying for their headlights out of their own pockets and a big insurance company was not on the other end of the bill, so we keep costs down so we can offer minimal markups and accept very low margins without sacrificing service.

To offer better service we made the decision to specialize and offer only headlights. We believe it's better to be the best at one thing than to try and be good at many things. You'll notice our competition offers thousands of different kinds of products, most auto parts companies do. We're different, when it comes to headlights nobody can offer the kind of service that we can because this is the only thing we do. Our dedicated Customer Service team members are experts on headlights because it's the only product we offer. Our service starts with our fast response to pre-sale questions about your headlights. Our service follows with shipping your headlights quickly in the proper packaging so they arrive safe. Most important, we stand behind our headlights after the sale so you can feel confident about your purchase of headlights from start to finish.

So who are we? We're a Father and Sons team that's at the office and in the warehouse every day, guaranteed. We're a team of 21 headlight experts dedicated and ready to serve. We're on a mission to provide the most competitive prices in the market. We're a specialized company that's confident our service is better!

Andrew is the Operations Manager at Headlights Depot, a job which he describes as making sure that the company gets better every day. He appreciates the fact that Headlights Depot is a close-knit company, with a great understanding of their employees. Andrew has a green thumb.

Thomas is Headlight Depot’s Copywriter and Lead Admin. That means he is responsible for most of the text you see on this website, as well as making sure that your order travels quickly from our customer support team off to our warehouses, so that they can get you your headlights as quickly as humanly possible. His favorite part of working at Headlights Depot is the close knit community here. Thomas spent the better part of the summer of 2012 camping in the Canadian Arctic on an archaeological dig.

Ian is the Online Marketplace Specialist for Headlight Depot. He manages all the product listings on the company’s websites and on the numerous online marketplaces. He is also responsible for maintaining and creating new listings, and developing relationships with new marketplaces. Ian appreciates the work environment of Headlights Depot, and actually enjoys working with excel.

Clay is Headlight Depot’s product specialist, which means he creates new listings for products as well as maintaining all of Headlight Depot’s existing listings. Clay’s favorite thing about working at Headlights Depot is the fact that everyone works together like a close knit team, and that the environment feels familial. He grew up on the west side of Cleveland and has always lived on or near water.

Stephen is the Amazon Marketing Specialist for Headlights Depot. While this means that his main responsibilities are the maintenance of the Amazon Marketplace, he also does a lot of work on the aesthetic side of things, working with Photoshop to make sure our catalogue of parts looks pretty. What he likes about working at Headlights Depot, aside for the Friday lunches, is the friendliness of the people. Stephen has never touched, or even seen, snow.

Harriet is a Customer Support Specialist at Headlights Depot, which means that she does her utmost to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied by their experience with Headlights Depot. She enjoys the great work environment at Headlights Depot. Harriet likes going to concerts.

Matt is a Customer Support Specialist at Headlights Depot, a position which he describes as working closely with customers to understand and help them determine the best option. Matt is particularly fond of the people he works with. He is currently the proud owner of his seventeenth car.

Jessi is one of the Customer Support Specialists at Headlights Depot. She describes her job as assisting customers in placing orders as well as handling customer service issues. She describes Jay and Eric as the best bosses for whom she has ever worked. Growing up, Jessi wanted to be a Country Singer.

Eric is the President of Headlight Depot. That means that he is in charge of what everyone else does, and makes sure that things are moving along properly for the company. He’s also responsible for maintaining many of the relationships Headlight Depot depends on to continue operating successfully. He is most proud of the culture and work environment that Headlights Depot has cultivated over the years. Eric and his wife met while he was on a business trip to Taiwan.

Jay is Headlight Depot’s CEO, which means he keeps an eye on everything that the company does. He also is the driving force behind much of the developments and new technologies adopted by Headlights Depot. Jay is especially proud of the environment and culture that the company has promoted, as well as of the people that make up the company. Jay has backpacked around the globe… twice.