If there’s something wrong with the order:

If there was something wrong on our end, such as a damaged part or an incorrect description on our website, AND you report it within ten days of delivery, we’ll foot the bill to get the order back and ship you the correct item.

If it’s something else:

If you report the issue within 30 days, we’ll issue a refund or a replacement without charging a restocking fee, though shipping may still apply. Unfortunately, if you run into an issue after the 30-day mark, we won’t be able to accept a return.

In some cases, we may charge a $13.95 shipping fee per package. We’ll do our best to ship everything to you in one package, but, occasionally, we may be forced to ship your order in more than one package. Despite that, all returns MUST be shipped back to us in the original packaging and must be in the same condition you first received them.


In addition to the Limited Warranty, we offer a “Peace of Mind” warranty which offers greater protection for your purchase. Peace of Mind covers the headlight for 10 million miles, which is longer than the lifetime of the headlight, as well as free returns of the headlight if you change your mind. Peace of Mind also gives you price protection: If the price of the headlight drops on our website within fifteen days of your purchase, we will refund you the difference.


In addition to Peace of Mind, all of our products include a 90-day warranty to protect against:

  • water or condensation penetration

  • lens or housing discoloration as a result of moisture

  • broken or disconnected adjusters

  • broken lens or loose reflectors


This warranty is instantly voided by damage caused during installation or if the part is modified for any reason. It also does not cover items made of rubber such as seals, gaskets, and weather stripping.

We only cover the cost of shipping expenses inside 30 days of delivery of the item. If we are contacted after the 30-day mark regarding a warranty issue, we will open a ticket and process the warranty but the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the replacement item out, as well as for the cost of shipping the damaged item back to us. As such, we urge you to contact us immediately in case you need to take advantage of the Limited Warranty.

 The Limited Warranty ONLY covers the repair or replacement of the item and DOES NOT cover the cost of ANY EXPENSE associated with making the claim. This includes, among others, the cost of:

  • Installation 
  • Towing 
  • Shipping 
  • Tickets